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The child's complete record is reviewed by a multidisciplinary team of the Therapeutic School and Preschool. The student's current IEP is assessed to determine if the applicant is an appropriate match for the program. The Therapeutic School must be able to provide all necessary services.

An intake interview is scheduled with the sending school district and the family. The prospective student will have the opportunity to visit in a classroom. The family will be given a tour of the school and have a chance to see the classroom.

Acceptance will be determined on the availability of an appropriate classroom and the school’s ability to provide services, and the parent or guardian satisfaction with the program.

The Therapeutic School and Preschool does not discriminate on its intake process based on race, religion, sex, color or national origin

Case managers may forward records for review to:


Jo Tandler

NECHN Therapeutic School and Preschool

570 Belleville Avenue

Belleville New Jersey, 07109


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