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Agency Message On Racial Injustice

Following the death of George Floyd, our country has been involved in a painful examination of our collective conscience regarding racial injustice in America. Among the questions that arise are: How does a tragic event such as this happen in modern day America? What changes do we need to stop events like this from becoming a continuing part of our history? How do we ensure that persons of color are afforded the respect, rights and dignity that we all expect as residents of this country?

At Northwest Essex we fully support this ongoing examination of our social system and will do our part to ensure that members of our black community as well as those who are oppressed or marginalized are heard and treated fairly and equitably. We deplore the senseless acts of violence which have occurred and racism in any form. As a provider of behavioral health and special education services for more than 60 years, Northwest Essex has been committed to social justice and compassion for persons with disabilities. Now at this time, our Agency expresses the same commitment to those who have not been provided with equality and inclusion in our society.

One of our Agency’s core values is to demonstrate an awareness of, respect for and attention to the cultural diversity of the people with whom we interact. Toward this Northwest Essex strives to make our workplace sensitive to and inclusive of persons served and employees  from all  cultures.

Cultural Diversity in the workplace:

Ways to promote diversity in the workplace

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