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Clinical Services
Educational Toys

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Play Therapy

Play Therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults.  Children are provided with a variety of toys to enable them to say with toys, what they have difficulty saying with words.  In Play Therapy, children learn about themselves and their surroundings, their capabilities, and their limitations.  They practice interpersonal skills and social play skills.  They learn how to handle anger and frustrations and improve their self esteem and their ability to communicate.


Our behaviorists create Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) and monitor the effectiveness of these plans.  Each BIP is created following a functional behavior assessment, to determine the reason that a student engages in disruptive behaviors.  For our ABA students, the behaviorists assess  skill levels, create skill acquisition levels and monitor the students' progress. 

Children's Toys
Outpatient Mental Health Services

Our students have the benefit of a mental health agency inside the building.  They have access to a psychiatrist and pharmacy on site.

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